Bettera Wellness

At Bettera Wellness our focus is on manufacturing product that makes wellness fun.  Our core belief is that pursuing a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be chore or burden – but rather a joy.

We have a proven record of success.  By leveraging over a century of manufacturing experience in the confectionary market, Bettera Wellness is uniquely equipped to formulate and produce product that is undeniably delicious.  Everything we make, whether it is gummies, lozenges or jelly beans, is packed with irresistible flavor.

But our reputation at Bettera Wellness is based on far more than simply confectionary know-how.  Bettera Wellness is a market leader in producing confections as a carrier for various nutraceutical, functional, and botanical ingredients.  Through our robust investments in R&D, quality control, and scientific technical innovations, our products consistently meet and exceed the highest quality standards.  We understand natural colors and flavors, common food allergens, non-GMO, organic, kosher and halal certifications and more.  The end-result is precisely fortified confections featuring superior flavor, texture and shelf life.   Select from our full line of in-stock formulas or let us assist you with custom formulizations.